We are Growth In ACTion

Our mission is to provide quality assessment, therapy, and consultation services to children and families affected by behavioral, emotional, and developmental challenges.

MA consultation services for families

Evidence-based Assessments & Interventions

We use only evidence based assessments and interventions to help children and families identify their strengths, and learn skills and strategies to overcome challenges. We believe all children have the capacity to grow into their strengths with the right support.

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We can support your child and family in many different ways.

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We gather information from caregivers and others who work with your child and directly test your child to identify strengths and challenges and make diagnoses if appropriate.
MA family consultation


We offer consultation to families, schools, and other health providers. Our consulting services include reviewing interventions, providing strategies, and enhancing skills.
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We provide targeted, evidence based interventions with your family to reduce problematic behaviors, improve emotional functioning, and enhance relationships.